About Our Business

We are a one stop shop for all of your solar needs. For customers in need of a quality, affordable solar system we've got you covered. For solar sales companies in need of a highly-skilled installation crew, we can do that too.

Planet Earth Solar LLC began with the vision of helping make solar more accessible, without the headache and hassle of high-pressure sales. We've been in this business for many years and we know what a good installation looks like, matched with excellent customer service. And we know what doesn't work and what leaves customers frustrated, which is what drives us to get out and do the best job possible.

Where We Work

Currently we are serving locations across Southern California - mainly in the counties/jurisdictions of Riverside, Inland Empire, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County.

Don't let your location stop you from contacting Planet Earth Solar. 

Who We Are

Planet Earth Solar LLC is a family-owned and operated boutique solar business. All of the staff work here because they believe in the company and because they are treated like family. Rather than make a bunch of investors happy, we created Planet Earth Solar LLC to create a company that keeps employees happy and customers happy. Work hard and play hard - that's our goal.

We give 110% every day on every job, but we also want to help the planet at the same time by working to maximize our triple bottom line - people, profits, environment. Why build a company to help the environment if the operations don't match what we preach every day.

Mission Statement

What: Planet Earth Solar LLC provides the highest quality solar systems, with the most dependable products on the market today.

How: Planet Earth Solar LLC has put together a strong very qualified team that we are very proud of with over 35+ years combined solar experience.

Why: Planet Earth Solar LLC was created to provide a source of clean energy to help the environment and sustain a brighter future for generations to come.