Giving Back

"When much is given, much is also required."

We launched Planet Earth Solar for many reasons but one of the lesser known reasons is for the environmental impact. Rather than just let solar pay the bills, we want to do more, which is why we aim to install one crowdfunded PV system a year.

Working in partnership with Residents Organized for a Safe Environment (R.O.S.E.), we partner with a local community organization to help raise funds and install a PV system. Planet Earth Solar donates project management, plan set design, permitting and installation labor costs to the project, as well as working with several of our vendors to secure materials donations to help lower the total amount of funds raised.

Past donations include:

2014: Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Laguna Beach - 15.635 kW system.

2013: Boy Scouts of America





We also support promoting solar in a variety of means and venues. One is by signing the Solar Pledge whereby we commit to stand by continuing the Investment Tax Credit as well as supporting full retail-rate Net Metering and no anti-competitive advantages. You can see the Pledge below and we encourage you, whether as an individual or business, to also support the Solar Pledge here.