Smartflower™ - the world's first all-in-one solar system

While at Solar Power International, Las Vegas, 2016, we saw a lot of amazing new tech & products. Among the most impressive booths, was Smartflower.

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Smartflower is the first company to produce a fully portable solar system, perfect for homes and those with limited space.

The Smartflower design provides a large surface of paneling - with built in sun-tracking technology that rotates the flower/panel face towards the sun at any given time of the day, to provide optimal coverage and absorption. The system is made up of everything a roof/ground mounted system needs to function (modules, control box, battery, battery charger, & inverter), making the Smartflower extremely simple to set up. Just bolt it into the ground and plug it in - instant solar power & an excellent example of a “plug & play” product.

Smartflower is an Austrian-based company, but recently opened a location in Boston, MA. We’re excited to see the company grow in the US!