Seven Most Progressive Cities for Renewable Energy

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Climate change is happening, whether you acknowledge or not. We’re of the opinion that fighting climate change is not only a personal responsibility, but also the responsibility of communities, cities, and states. Let’s take a look at the top seven cities in the United States, according to, that are actively fighting to stop the progression of climate change.

Cities were ranked by emission ordinances, public transportation options, wind and solar installations, tax credits for renewable energy utilization, and amount of green-minded residents. 

1.       Miami. Miami is a major tourist destination, but the city is worth far more than its affordable hotels and attractions. Miami is working hard to cut back on emissions and corporate pollution, while simultaneously offering incentives for residents and business owners who commit to more energy efficient practices.

2.       Boston. Boston is all-around one of the best cities in the country in terms of efficiency. Its provision of utilities and water are increasingly controlled, with more initiatives in renewable resources, and there are green options for travel with public transportation available everywhere.

3.       Portland. Portland has developed its own plan for addressing climate change, with a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030, and 80 percent by 2050. These goals are realistic in part due to the progressive-minded nature of its citizens.

4.       New York. New York is packed with businesses and residents, as one of the most densely-populated cities in the country. Thankfully, the city is taking extraordinary measures to reduce pollution and provide cleaner, safer, low-emissions traveling options for its citizens.

5.       Washington, DC. It makes sense that our nation’s capital would be one of the most progressive cities in the country. Washington, DC topped Energy Star’s most recent annual list of best cities for energy efficiency, with 686 Energy Star-certified buildings in its metropolitan area. Washington, DC also has a fantastic public transportation system, and is working toward producing cleaner energy.

6.       Los Angeles. Unfortunately, LA remains one of the worst cities in the country in terms of pollution—but that’s mostly due to its enormous population. The city is making a serious effort to cut back on both residential and corporate emissions, and is incentivizing more renewable energy efforts.

7.       Atlanta. Atlanta has an extensive plan and timeline for making itself a more progressive city, and a big part of that plan is preparing for and responding to climate change. These efforts include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pursuing cleaner energy options.”

Congratulations to these seven green cities. The rest of us still have a long way to go, but look forward to contributing to a cleaner and brighter future!