The City of Lancaster Passes "Zero Net Energy Ordinance"


The city of Lancaster, CA recently passed the Zero Net Energy Ordinance - an ordinance requiring all new homes to be built with rooftop solar systems already in place. 

Previously, a bill passed in 2014 requiring all new homes to feature small scale rooftop PV systems. Lancaster, a city well known for being a pioneer in the solar industry, decided to set the bar even higher than before by requiring new residences to be built with a solar rooftop system capable of generating 2 watts per square foot. 

“The Zero Net Energy Home Ordinance expands upon Lancaster’s residential solar ordinance so that new homes built in Lancaster now will not only be environmentally friendly, but have a zero net impact on our environment, while reducing energy costs for the homeowners,” said Republican Mayor R. Rex Parris in a statement. “This is a great stride in Lancaster’s journey to become a Zero Net City.”

Before the Zero Net Energy Home Ordinance takes effect, there are a couple hurdles to jump. First, a feasibility study, projected to close in April, must conclude. Second, Lancaster will seek approval from the CA Energy Commission. Pending the success of those two projects, the ordinance is scheduled to take effect before the close of 2017.

The advantage of the ordinance? The price of the system is included in the price of the home. A homeowner’s monthly mortgage would increase slightly, but the system would pay for itself without the hassle of dealing with the research, price comparisons, warranties, contractors, inspectors, etc.

The city of Lancaster is instrumental in making renewable energy more accessible to home owners and the general population – in line with the legislation that was filed in the state of California that mandates 50% of its energy be from renewable sources by 2025 (and 100% by 2045).  Sponsors of the pending law claim that the current legislation, which calls for 50% of all energy be renewable by 2030, is not enough. The passing of this law would make CA one of the most ambitious climate conscious states in the nation.

What can you do to help encourage CA in our mission to be a pioneer in the solar and renewable energy industry? Call your state representative and tell them you are in support of Bill SB584 & that climate change and renewable energy is an important issue to Californians.  

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