Take Action! Check Out These Two Critical Solar Bills

The Assembly Energy Committee is going to hold hearings on two solar/renewable energy bills with the potential to shake up solar law in California and we need you to Take Action!


California is considered one the world’s largest economies in the world & is often considered a front runner in renewable and climate policy/action. True to their reputation in the renewable energy racket, CA lawmakers are working on new legislation that would grow low-income community solar and commit to being 100% renewable electricity by 2045, respectively. SB-366 and SB-100 have been passed in the Senate and it’s now up to the Assembly Energy Committee to take lead and push these projects forward.

According to VoteSolar.org, SB-366 would grow low-income community solar, expand community solar options for low-income families, and ensure that those same communities now have the opportunity toi participate in and benefit from our growing clean energy economy. The bill would require Public Utility Commissions to increase the 600-megawatt statewide limitation up to 800 megawatts, to the extent necessary to accommodate participation by low-income customers and projects located in disadvantaged communities. .

SB-100 would “set the bold but achievable goal of powering California with 100% renewable electricity by 2045, creating jobs and improving health and wellbeing in communities statewide”. SB-100, also known as the California Renewable Portfolio Standard Program, would set goals to A) achieve a 50% renewable resources target by December 31, 2026 B) achieve a 60% target by December 31, 2030 and C) for all electricity sold at retail to be from zero-carbon resources by December 31, 2045. Thebill would also require that retail sellers and local publicly owned electric utilities procure a minimum quantity of electricity products from eligible renewable energy resources so that the total kilowatt-hours of those products sold to their retail end-use customers achieve  A) 45% of retail sales by December 31, 2023, B) 50% by December 31, 2026 and C) 60% by December 31, 2030.

You can help push these bills forward by telling Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon that we need California to keep leading the way on clean energy and climate and to put CA on a path to 100% clean energy that works for all!

Do your part & support the bills here.